John Lyke is a New England native who has balanced the majority of his life between filmmaking and action sports. At age thirteen Emmy award-winning cinematographer Bruce Taylor took John under his wing, and from there he went on to Champlain College for filmmaking where he would graduate as valedictorian. He left his professional snowboard career when he moved to LA to make movies.

Over his film career, he’s worked as a video editor for companies like Hulu and Netflix, been a stuntman on blockbusters like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, an actor in #Millenials on Direct TV and Pure Genius on CBS. Directing duo the Daniels referenced John’s directing work as inspiration for their Sundance winning film Swiss Army Man.

Meanwhile, John’s professional Rollerblade career inspired him to develop a TV show which caught the attention of Hulu’s PEN15 creators Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine who signed on as creative producers. Currently, he’s developing a show for FX late night where heroes fight evil and learn lessons and whatnot. He’s never been to outer space.

Here’s a video I made of me rollerblading.