I made a video for My Last Will and Testament. This is a fairly accurate version of the guy you would meet off set. I’m not playing a character. I also plan on living to a hundred and seven.

Telling stories through film… that’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do. My father sold windows and doors and my mother was a secretary. I was raised in a small Connecticut town. At the age of five, I recall building sets and creating stories inspired by films like Hook. Directing my mom on our home video camera was frustrating because I could never understood why my “movies” didn’t look like the real movies…

So at age thirteen an Emmy award winning DP (Bruce Taylor) took me under his wing. I learned that good lighting and cool shots, means nothing if it doesn’t aid in the storytelling. So while my movies finally looked like real movies, they now needed excellent Directing, Writing, and Acting.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to work closely with extremely talented creators on award winning projects (Sundance, Golden Globes, Grammys, etc). My life will always revolve around storytelling through film. I’m constantly creating through Acting, Writing, and Directing. This site obviously focuses on my acting, and my craft of acting has been heavily shaped by Gregory Berger-Sobeck (Yale School of Drama Professor).

You’re flicking through the TV and come across a scene from The Godfather, it grabs you and you can’t stop watching until they role the credits. My goal is to capture these memorizing moments on film. To take the words off a script and create a character that no other actor would have created. To experience every take for the first time, and let you capture a real person living and interacting, not some performance that was preplanned at home down to the last detail. To allow the audience to sneak a peak into the private life of a character who’s constantly propelling their life forward. To be unrecognizable when I become the character. Let’s have some fun creating together.